Audiodeon #9

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As I mentioned in Audiodeon #8, episode 9 is a companion piece. This episode features songs from various musicians solo albums, proving that you can go it alone. Sometimes.

Audiodeon #9: Go It Alone



Audiodeon #8 is here!

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Friends and fellow Culties! Audiodeon, the official podcast of the Cult of the Eye, returns with Episode #8: Let’s Get Together! Download the episode to hear music from supergroups new and old. Also, be on the lookout for Episode #9, which serves as a companion piece to this installment, coming soon to a listening station near you!



Audiodeon #7

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Download the new episode of Audiodeon: The Official Podcast of the Cult of the Eye!

This one features a collection of covers! You might know the songs, but have you ever heard them like this? Perhaps not!

Audiodeon #7: Take Cover



Audiodeon #6

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This edition of Audiodeon features music from artists and bands who are a little, well, strange. Listen and hear for yourself!

Audiodeon #6



Audiodeon #5!

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To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, here’s an assortment of Irish bands!

Audiodeon #5: Cult O’ The Eye



Audiodeon #4

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Audiodeon returns with a focus on television! You might recognize these songs as the themes from your favorite shows, but they were for-real songs first. Tune in and, well, tune in!

Audiodeon #4: Radio On The TV



Audiodeon #3!

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Behold! The first AUDIODEON of the new year!

Audiodeon #3





by Bif

Tiki Oasis 10

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Next week the Cult of the Eye will be hitting the road to sunny San Diego! If you will be attending Tiki Oasis -and let’s face it, you really should- then look for us having a blast all weekend! We’re even hosting the Swing Out After Party at Tiki Oasis on Friday night!
Live Hulabilly tunes from The Hula Girls and dancing all night with DJ Oran from San Francisco!

In the Grand Pacific Ballroom from 10pm to 1am
Free Swing dance lessons: 9:30pm